Glass Sex toys

Glass Sex toys, primarily dildos, have been on the market for years. Recently, they have become very popular due to the ‘green’ sex toy movement that promotes the use of body-safe materials. Glass Sex toys tops the list. So, why are Glass Sex toys so popular these days? Glass is made from silica (or sand), a natural occurring element that is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. So this makes it (along with wood and ceramic sex toys) popular choice among “green” enthusiasts who want to leave a less formidable carbon footprint on the earth. Not only is glass good for the planet, but it is body-friendly as well. This means that Glass Sex toys (unlike jelly and some other sex toy materials) is non-porous, hypoallergenic, easy to sterilize, and phthalate-free. Glass Sex toys are very beautiful, which may be their biggest allure, and many are objets d’art in their own right, thus equally at home in a display case as well as your sex toy drawer. While most glass toys are affordable (though they represent more of a luxury sex toy than, say, your old jelly dong).
There is actually no material with Glass Sex toys can quite compare to the feeling of glass. Its cool, sleek surface feels amazing when used for penetration and requires very little lubricant. Glass also transmits temperature well, so it’s the perfect sex toy for cooling down or heating up for trying various sensations. Finally, although you might think glass would be “too” hard of a material for sex toy, think again. Although glass is very firm (and hard) this actually works in its favor, as the G-spot responds best to firm sex toys, and some of the very best G-spot toys are made of glass.


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